One-On-One – Meditation Guidance for Cancer Patients – Request for Financial Support

לגרסה בעברית של דף זה לחץ\י כאן

"One-On-One" – at-home personal mindfulness meditation guidance for cancer patients by volunteers.


At November 2014, Simcha Yeal Pazuello-Levy, my wife, died from cancer. During her last years in this world she was supported by Mindfulness meditation practice as a tool for dealing with her disease. Meditation helped her to bring her thinking mind to a peaceful mode, to approach major decisions in a clear way, to deal with the pains of the body and the emotional inner world, and to live her life in a way that was more complete and full.

Yael was not only a practitioner, but also served and helped others extensively as a guide and a teacher. She had established a weekly meditation group for patients that was attended by many patients, as she was such a wonderful inspiration for the potential effect of meditation practice. Her group inspired and encouraged others to start similar groups in other locations. She gave lectures and taught about dealing with pain and disease through mindfulness meditation and also had private meetings with patients to help them as best as she could.

Yael had a vision for another project – supporting patients at their homes, but she did not survive to fulfill that one. The need behind this projects is that of patients who cannot come to ordinary meditation groups due to their health condition. The idea is to provide them with personal meditation instructions and guidance at their home.

The project

Following Yael's death, a group of volunteer senior practitioners got together and started to make it happen. Since August 2014, our pioneer group of 15 volunteers goes once a week to patients at home to teach and practice with them.

  • Until today, 45 people were supported within the project. Some of them had ended their lives already, while others are still recovering and using meditation practice as a vital tool in their struggle.
  • The current group of 15 volunteers is made of very experienced practitioners who were recruited after a personal interview.
  • The patients hear about the project via Facebook, email lists and word of mouth.
  • At almost any point of time, all volunteers are working with at least one patient.
  • They meet once a week for 60-90 minutes for an initial period of 8 weeks (that can be extended at the will of both sides).
  • The leading team is made of a senior dharma teacher, a dharma practitioner who is also a clinical social worker and a project coordinator.
  • Recently the project received a kind donation from Amutat Tovana (Israel Insight Meditation Society) that enabled to give the coordinator part-time employment (6 hours per week) for almost a year.

Financial needs

In order to keep the project running and stable for the long run, we need some financial support.

The ongoing budget needs include:

  1. Coordinator salary. Coordinator's job is to be the connecting point between patients and volunteers throughout the process.
  2. Travel expenses for the volunteers.
  3. Volunteers professional support and education.

Donations to the project can be transferred in two optional ways:

  1. Money Transfer – to the bank account of Simcha Yael Pazuallo-Levy memorial Hamuta (Non-profit organization). Hapoalim bank, 609, account No 89953.
  2. Through Paypal:

With kind regrds,
Rany Levy